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Catalogs - On-line and Print

TX Graphics has produced catalogs for over 13 years. Our experience  assures you quality from start to finish at very affordable prices. A catalog be it on-line or print you will be proud to present to your customers.


Without great pictures your catalog is not getting the full potential from your investment. Our product photography is second to none! Your on-line or printed image starts with your product pictures.

On-line - Print Catalog

An on-line catalog is an excellent way to showcase your product. The ability for your customers to see crisp clean photo's of your products as well as dimensional and application data in one location is simply a must today. We can build your complete catalog on-line and if you need a secure shopping cart experience for your customer too. As with a paper catalog your on-line catalog begins with a database and GREAT pictures. Your catalog data can be live or static its up to you and your current accounting software and any limitations to the Internet.


We provide outstanding catalog production & services for company's who prefer to outsource the complexity and expert staff needed to build a catalog. Our process will save you time and money. We manage the details, so your catalog project progresses smoothly and gets done on time and on budget. The price to produce a quality catalog in-house is usually underestimated.  From hiring the right people (photographer, software expert) to getting the best equipment, software, hardware not to mention the space need for all of this. It gets expensive and it always needs upgrading. Let us do the work, buy the hardware, update the software, keep up the staff and you do what you do best...manage your business.


The importance of great photo's cannot be underestimated.  You have to remember that what your customer sees is their perception of your company.  If your pictures are not good then to a customer your product isn't good either.  Pictures in many cases are like faces, its the one of the first impressions your customer gets of your company.  You need that connection to be positive and appealing.  Our years of experience in product placement/poses will ensure your products are shown in the best light.

Marketing Design

We design logo's (like the one shown at left) as well as all types of marketing material. Business card, Flyer's, Magazine/Web Ads, Banners, Posters, Displays for Booths, CD Labels etc.

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