On-line & Print Catalogs bring proven success...

A catalog is the most successful direct marketing activity you can ever do for your business.  There is no other way to comprehensively 'package' your warehouse and more; so conveniently for your customers and prospects.

Building successful on-line and print catalogs is what we do every day.


Texas Graphics has been producing catalogs for 13 years, We create the catalogs from your database with either your specific layout or we can design one for you.  This creates a quicker output and easier updates without losing the flexibility of a real customized catalog. Texas Graphics takes a start to finish approach to catalog production, Product Photography, Page Design/Layout, Database, Cover Design, On-line and Printed output...One company!


A catalog both on-line and print provides the best exposure to present and sell your products to your customers and future customers.


We provide outstanding on-line and print catalog production services for company's who prefer to outsource the complexity and expert staff into building a catalog. Our process will save you time and money. We manage the details, so your catalog project progresses smoothly and gets done on time and on budget. From day one, your catalog will produce revenue for you like no other material can. 


We provide an initial consultation to learn your needs and


We manage a friendly and comfortable process that delivers a clear

   understanding about roles and responsibilities from start to finish.

We prefer to work with only one of your staff members, your staffs

   involvement needs to be kept at a minimum.

We will take the job from design to on-line to print.

We will produce our own database from your information to create

   multiple indexing of your products.

Updates to the catalog can be done even shortly before final release.

Experienced project managers will communicate consistently to

   guide you through the entire catalog process.


A catalog is a powerful marketing tool and we know how to help you define your focused marketing strategy for whatever type of catalog you may be thinking of.

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